ORNAMENTIANA creates a fresh grid of correlations and searches for a new aesthetic. Remix of techniques and materials, collage-like installation approach, exploration of the very notion of „art” lead to a choreographed experience that includes the viewer into the overall assemblage.

ORNAMENTIANA changes the axes of our three-dimensional arena. It is based on Cartesian choreography of space, on regular but also moving grid of horizontals and verticals.

ORNAMENTIANA is a levitating surface full of relationships moving to the complexity of time and space, a visual manifest, detachment from the gravity of the committed towards the infinity, weightlessness, universality.

ORNAMENTIANA is a horizontal landscape, flat surface, horizontal sculpture, in which the unique vertical is made by the visitor of the exhibition, whose presence expands it by another coordinate.

ORNAMENTIANA reconstructs and translates ornaments, renders new visibility and allows the viewer to feel the archaeology of time. It is reoccurring use and subsequent stigmatization of folklore. Past future, future past.

ORNAMENTIANA is the acceleration of existing aesthetics. Exploring of the visual and material nature of perceiving of the world here and now. Anadigilogtal.

ORNAMENTIANA reviews the formal aspects of art on the border between high and low, the circumstances of their production in the context of never sleeping society.

ORNAMENTIANA is non-hierarchical, de-centralized, de-politicized. It denies the affirmative, fixed position, proclaiming, barricades and it contradicts our vision about our demonstrative political-activist gesture.

text by Lucia Tkáčová & Anetta Mona Chisa, 2016

Svätopluk Mikyta: Ornamentiana / Venue: Fait Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic

November 30, 2016 – January 17, 2017